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            Home > About Us > Company Profile

            Shanghai Welldone Electric Co.,Ltd  is a China’s R&D and production base of series power cable testing equipments. It locates in the center area of Shanghai-Shibei industrial new zone. The position is superiorly. The transportation is convenient. The environment is exquisite.It’s business include R&D, manufacture, service and trade.

            Mr. Dewu. Kong, a famous cable test expert, is the president of Welldone. The company’s advisory group include many experts from SECRI(Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute) and Xi'an Jiaotong University. For power industry, power cable manufacturers and other power cable application units, we have developed:

            1. Series cable fault location equipments.

            2. High-Voltage DC Generator.

            3. Power cable online monitoring system.

            4. XLPE cable insulation testing equipments.

            Our domestic customers are as follows:

            1. Branch companies of SSGC(State Grid Corporation of China) in many provinces and cities,

            2. Branch companies of CSG(China Southern Power Grid) in many provinces and cities,

            3. Cable manufactures all over the country,

            4. Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute,

            5. foreign-owned enterprise in China, such as3M ,GENVLOT etc.

            6. Many power plants, universities and other power application units.

            Our products have also been export to other countries. We can provide OEM producers all over the world.

            Welldone has a power cable fault locating team and 2 specialized locating cars. Many years of experience made us skillful and professionally. We can provide round-the-clock cable fault location service for any units and persons. 

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