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            Home > Products > Cable Fault Locator > HDTDR-200 Cable Fault Locator

            HDTDR-200 Cable Fault Locator


            The HDTDR-200 cable fault locator is a professional Time Domain Reflectometer. It can be seperately used to find opens, short circuit fault. It can be used to prelocate general high resistance cable fault with HV pulse power, too.



            • Three test mode choice: TDR mode, ICM mode, and SIM mode. 
            • Suitable for electric power, testing power and communication cables.
            • 8.4 inch colorful screen display. Touch screen operation.
            • Maximum measurement up to 40km.
            • Recharge battery supplies the work power.

            Technical Data

            • Pulse voltage output:50V
            • Pulse width:40ns … 10us
            • Protection voltage:200V AC (50 / 60Hz)
            • Impedance output: 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100ohm   
            • Signal sensitivity:0 … 40dB
            • Measurement range: 0~40km
            • Measurement error:>1km  ±1.6m;  <1km   ±0.8m
            • Sampling frequency: 100MHz
            • Distinguishing: 0.8m
            • Propagation velocity:100~300m/us
            • Stored trace capacity:600 number
            • Usage environment temperature: -20 … +50℃
            • Storing environment temperature: -40 … +60℃
            • Protection type IPX4: Water protected and dust protected
            • Dimension: 360mm(L)×250mm(W)×165mm(H)
            • Weight:5kg
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